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July 29, 2018
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Old School Gaming Station
Mobile Museum of Vintage Technology - Computer Setup at DEF CON 26
Computer Setup at DEF CON 26

Wow what a show!  The Mobile Museum of Vintage technology village wants to thank everyone who came by and supported us at our village.  This was our first year there, and while it was  a lot of work in a little time, we had a blast!  What a great show, we met so many awesome people and learned a lot at the same time. 

Bringing this museum on the road is quite the undertaking – flying it across the country was quite the extreme challenge!  We were reminded that old computer systems are quite clunky, bulky and definitely not designed with light weight materials.  On top of that, these systems while originally manufactured quite solid, have become a little more fragile over the years requiring some true tender love and care. Between old components, delicate disk drive heads and fragile ribbon connectors, it takes some extra time and patience to get these beast up and running again.  So we have to give a big shout out to the amazing group of volunteers who came through for us! There is absolutely no way we could have pulled this off with this dedicated crew so thank you all again!  (Now get ready for DEF CON 27)

The highlight for all of us was to see the smiles and expressions of all the attendees as they first walked into the museum.  It was incredible to watch them experience childhood flashbacks in real time.  For the record, we never get tired of hearing “That was my first computer!!!”  or “I haven’t seen one of those in years“.  Every time we were greeted with a “thank you for doing this” it’s a reminder to us of exactly why we are doing this.  While we were able to share a little bit of history with you, we were blown away at the number of people who spent time sharing their stories as well as those who taught us a lot about old computer systems, gadgets and games that we forgot about or were not aware of.  Also we were overwhelmed at all the offers of support both financially and with items offered up for donation, we understand and fully appreciate your generosity because we know it is  what keeps the dream alive!

Some of the highlights of the museum village this year included the attendees who brought their own vintage gadgets to share with us (Merlin Game, Handheld Pac-Man, brick sized cell phone, a 386 PC and a dot matrix printer and extra ribbons!).  We also loved meeting “Specter” an old skool Demoscene programmer who spent a bit of time teaching us about assembly programming on at Atari 800 and coding some graphical demos in real time.  If things go as planned he will be joining us next year as a  guest speaker giving us more formal demos on various systems.  Then there was “Cactus Z” our Commodore expert who fixed an old C64c that broke in transit. We also can not forget the sounds of an old dot matrix printer firing up after loading Print Shop and making some old ASCII art banners! Finally how can we not mention the thrill of watching attendees old and young playing the Oregon Trail on an old Apple IIe with authentic orange monitor.  Those are just some of the highlights of our 3 days at DEF CON.

Once again thank you to everyone for making the Mobile Museum of Vintage Technologies first year at DEF CON so awesome!  SEE YOU AT DEF CON 27 with new and bigger plans to make it an even more exciting walk down memory lane!

Here are some great actions shots from our DEF CON 26 Village

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  1. specter says:

    Thank you for bringing: Atari800, Atari Assembler Cartridge, Atari Assembler Manual, Computes! Mapping the Atari.
    It was so fun to play with that setup and talk to hackers about assembly language.
    So, next Defcon, I would like to do live Assemble Coding on multiple machines, using editor/assemblers available at the time of release.

  2. admin says:

    That’s the plan! We are very much looking forward to it – we will be in touch for sure! Thanks again

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